ZenFires has several very talented team members with varied skills to accomplish the task at hand and specific client needs. Digital marketing at its best is not a one-man (or woman) show. And our experts cover the gamut from SEO to PPC to social media content, strategy and posting to web design to analytics and more. Our collaborators are at the ready and eager to put in 110% for ZenFires’ clients. Surprise us – ask for something new and unusual! I’ll bet we’ve got something to fit from our portfolio and expert personnel!


Jason Schneider, Search and Digital Marketer, has been building and marketing websites since 1998, delivering intuitive digital marketing solutions that improve brand value, customer experience, and overall profitability. He graduated from Georgia State University with a BBA in Marketing. His experience has been with financial services, CRM, human resource, cable service and construction industries. Jason’s focus is optimizing a company’s ROI and directly impacting the bottom-line through SEM, PPC, display, social and content marketing. With smart phones increasing in use over personal computers, mobile interaction is a key component in every project. Every marketing action revolves around analyzing data and acting on it. Best practice today will continually retarget campaigns with advanced analytics and tracking systems. In his work, digital marketing and experience through the eyes of the mobile user is a primary strategic goal. Jason’s commitment is to clients but also their customers. SEO, advertising and social media growth opportunities are the goal. Jason daily provides clients with the value and support they need to develop maintain and expand their businesses.


Joy Beck works for ZenFires as a content and project manager. She has been working with ZenFires since 2016 managing and maintaining client relationships and communicating, organizing and assigning project tasks, and writing and proofreading client reports. Additionally, Joy has done local search engine optimization where she applies her problem-solving skills to research and resolve incorrect or duplicate business listing and bad/fake business reviews. She has also worked to optimize social media accounts for clients to reach social media marketing goals and ensure brand consistency across all major social platforms. Additionally Joy has worked heavily with the American Marketing Association Non-Profit Special Interest Group where she has project-managed events, planned promotions and communications, and facilitated speaker and sponsor prep and communications. Joy has a BBA in Marketing from Georgia State University Robinson College of Business.


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