Why Consider Zen Fires?

Why Digital Marketing & Why Look at Zen Fires?

How well does your website come up in search engines? That’s our driving question. And chances are that you are not coming as high as you’d like if you’re visiting our website and looking at us. Digital marketing is the overall strategy and selection of the most successful web-based tactics and channels for your internet and marketing goals. For us, so much of this revolves around search engine marketing. Even social media success is achieved with search engine keywords and content. Know what the second largest search engine is? YouTube. Yes, YouTube (and video SEO is huge!). Email marketing is great but how are you driving people to opt-in to your email list? SEO, PPC; search marketing. We get our hands into the code to make your website, and make it work with everything else. It’s what we do to make your business grow. Ready for us to do it for you?

ZenFires Digital Marketing has succeeded since 2010 with head honcho Jake Aull at the helm. How do we know what we’re doing? Jake Aull wrote the book on SEO – see it in bookstores today!


“I wanted to tell you that we booked a client the other day and when I asked how they found out about us they said it was from a google search… You already paid for yourself!!!”
-Dana M., Fish Drake Bay

“Thank you for doing that. We are indeed getting more Google hits.  It’s paying off.  Thanks.”
-Fred R., Gardens to Love

Now that you know a bit of our successes, read about our digital marketing services and how we can help your business.