Medical & Dental Case Studies

Zen Fires has served various clients in the healthcare industry such as medical clinics, hospitals, dental practices and chiropractors. Below are a couple samples of our client successes.


This client, medical offices around Atlanta, GA, had a low social media presence. The client wanted social media marketing, across channels, starting from a near-zero presence in channels like Twitter and LinkedIn. With minimal time and investment over a snapshot period of two months, we were able to grow tangible followers and results across all major social media channels for customer and prospect interaction. See charts of results here.


° CPAPs etc. wanted to be optimized for competitive CPAPs products brand names being sold on their eCommerce site. In 2012 we built their social media profiles in channels such as Pinterest. We performed initial SEO foundation and keyword-driven content and achieved first-page results for products by Innomed and CareFusion. Quality metrics, such as amount of pages viewed per web visitor and duration of visit, grew monthly as result, with SEO and social media as part of important mix for sales.


A cosmetic dentist in Atlanta needed SEO and digital marketing content planning. As part of our standard process, we use a variety of digital marketing analytics tools to identify problems and strategic keywords and content potential. This case shows our standard strategic approach for SEO for dental practices and medical clinic clients. We identify upfront problems to fix, and research competitors and keywords to grow targeted traffic to the primary audience. See the case study showing our research approach and strategic plan.


A dentist serving family dental needs in north metro Atlanta hired ZenFires to research his digital footprint, provide fixes and a strategic plan for future. One major thing he had in common with other dental and medical clinics we have served is the bulk of wasted, monthly spends on unnecessary digital tools. For example, I have seen where many providers have been paying monthly for many tools which overlap each others’ capabilities (and in many cases the provider is not even using, or getting results, from many of them!). This specific dentist was paying for all of these tools:

  • ZocDoc
  • DemandForce
  • Yelp Advertising
  • HubSpot
  • and others

Those are common. Additional tools clinics may be paying for could be:

  • Directories’ advertising such as YP, Kudzu or Angies’ List
  • ConstantContact

Many of these tools have certain values, but only if you maximize them by fully learning and applying their capabilities. Even then these tools have properties which crossover with other tools clinics may be paying extra for. In the case of my client, he had multiple reviews channels which were cannibalizing each other. Also, I recommended broader digital advertising networks (which have better reach and returns on pay-per-click ads), over his Yelp (single location directory) ad spend. Likewise, my client wasn’t maximizing his blog-to-social media posting and email-marketing-synchronized HubSpot dashboard. And he was already paying separately for website CMS hosting and maintenance. So I advised against paying for duplicate technological capabilities since he wasn’t fully using them anyway.

If you aren’t going to heavily market from in-house, don’t pay extra for duplicate digital marketing technologies. And if you still want marketing successes, why not invest that money into professionals who have the tools and know how to achieve maximum results for you?

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