Media Industry Studies

    Zen Fires has served various clients in the media and entertainment industries. Scroll down to see all of these sample case studies.

    1. Online Radio and Podcast Website Case Study

    • The Project: Zen Fires was hired for a project to audit, and provide recommendations and fixes for, an online radio and podcast website where analytics showed suspiciously lower traffic than desired.
    • The Work: We did heavy research on the search engine analytics, website architecture, SEO setups and tool integrations. We did competitive research for the client keywords and provided recommendations on information architecture and wireframes/UI, as well as keywords and integrations. We worked with the website maintenance provider and did many SEO fixes and integrations ourselves as well. We monitored results of our implementations and tweaked as needed.
    • The Results: For the SEO work we did on the website, there was improvement in analytics during our heaviest time of fixes. Using the existing content on the website, along with our fixes and integrations, Google shot up from previously indexing a flat 350 pages to 630 pages of the website during our 4 month project. And website sessions (visits) went from ~350/week at beginning, to ~600/week at project conclusion. See additional successful reporting metrics and data for this case study.


    2. Film Production Company Case Study

    • The Project: A film production company, Crazy Legs, with offices in NY, LA and Atlanta was having a new website built, and wanted strategic, first-time SEO setups for the new launch. They called ZenFires to bring them up initially in first-page Google and Bing searches for relevant keywords.
    • The Process: We conducted our strategic marketing interview process to identify the business, target and brand. Then did digital research to assess competitors and optimal keyword phrases. With client keyword approval, we focused and developed text on the site to integrate the keywords. Executing SEO across copy, images, video and backend coding, ZenFires was able to achieve good, relevant, strategic keyword phrases for initial client results. And because the client had multiple locations, it was identified that these metro areas were vital for client in search results as well.
    • The Results: Zen Fires assessed location keywords and cleaned up Google Local pages for location-based search results. And with full search engine visibility and website SEO and local keyword phrases implemented, the new website achieved desired first-page search results. See keyword-search results here.


    3. Online Music Study

    • The Project: An online music service,, came to ZenFires. The service acts as a freemium, online music video channel for label musicians and genres. You can watch videos from just about any music style, genre or label out there. They wanted better results from Google searches for their users, and for those searching for online music, and came to ZenFires for help.
    • The Request: How to achieve full Google indexing and come up in search results for specific musicians and music queries? And how to channel the hundreds of thousands of Facebook Likes back to the website?
    • The Research: The success of the business and website infrastructure was in the ability to license and display existing music label video content. However this put the focus on outside content drawn in. The website was also wide in breadth (but not necessarily in search engine preferred architecture). Also the website had buttons and calls-to-action promoting their Facebook page and music app to achieve Likes and visits, but not as many the other way around. Because of this linking and architecture, consumers would comment on their listening and favorite artists in Facebook. Meanwhile, Google gave more credit to websites with more original content.
    • The Output: ZenFires put together strategic recommendations to:
      A). Recreate website architecture and UI to retain consumers on the site, and pull consumers from Facebook, rather than the other way around.
      B). Create a forum on the site to empower consumers to comment and even blog about their listening and favorite musicians there on the Frogtoon site and forum as opposed to on Facebook.
      C). Architect the forum for Google spider preferences toward optimal crawling of original content, based on content-relevant category pyramids and platforms.
      D). All of this was to provide the site with the necessary, original content and relevant content depth for optimal search engine results.


    4. YouTube/Video SEO Results

    Ever searched Google for specific keywords, only to see video results pop out on the search engine results page and grab your attention? Part of this is because Google owns YouTube, but also Google serves rich content results as part of regular SEO text listings. Video SEO is smart to optimize for such reasons. Also because not everyone knows how to optimize properly for this content!

    At ZenFires we’ve had good results optimizing client videos – particularly for small businesses with new website, new content and videos, using us for first-time SEO strategy and execution. Even just a few videos, well optimized, can grab good video views and SEO results for your brand. And videos displaying your website URL in turn drive viewers there. See YouTube/video SEO examples of our results for clients.