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Marketing Today…

It has faster results than ever before. With more visible proof than ever before. With more specific targeting than before. Achieving more customer engagement than ever. All of this – when it’s digital.

What we can do, and see, in the digital space today is phenomenal. You can learn things about your business you never knew before. You can communicate in new ways – for the best benefit of you and your customers.

We do all of this – daily – for solid clients looking to grow.
We can do it for you.
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From The Blog

Digital & Referral Marketing for Medical Clinics

There are some very simple (and some not-so-simple) marketing things medical clinics, offices, dentists, chiropractors and others can be doing to successfully grow their patient base. I’ve seen these over the years, and not enough practices execute. Here’s the list: Ask for reviews to your Google Reviews page. It’s that simple. Or Yelp. Or Facebook


Jake Aull’s Seminars

As a part-time professor, and leader in digital marketing associations, Jake Aullof Zen Fires has done a lot of speaking even to global audiences. This is just one example of a global webinar Jake conducted.

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