Everyone Talks SEO; What are Simple Truths?

SEO is certainly nothing new in the life of the Internet, but I sure hear a lot about it these days. It seems every marketer and Web strategist has a different opinion about what to focus on and when. But here’s a good article on some clear SEO priorities: “Improve Search Engine Rankings With Proper Keyword Research” by Michael Fleischner (http://www.marketingscoop.com/properkeywordresearch.htm). Important takeaways here include the need to choose specific search keyword phrases for your site – terms which are actually searched for on the Web. It doesn’t matter if your site comes up number one on a specific phrase search if the phrase achieves less than 100 searches per month. Another key takeaway directs to test your competition against your multiple, desired key search phrases. That is, search for your list of keywords. How do your top three competitors fair in results listings? If they are at top on your desired phrases, you might need to think harder about your SEO (if not positioning) differentiation. But once you feel confident about your keyword research and the terms you want, plug them throughout your Web site in prominance, and finally build (inbound) links through article-writing, blogs, social media, etc.

You’re good to go – SEO.