Networking across generational gaps


It has occurred to me that in today’s tech world, there are many people my age (Gen. X) or older trying to navigate the tech business world & get jobs or business surrounded by younger workers. In all comparisons, to be realistic, there are pros & cons. So to be clear this blog post is


Hiring for Search Marketers

I’ve had several people ask me lately for tips on hiring search marketers in-house. Of course we provide these various expertise offerings to businesses all the time, and there are other good digital-focus agencies. But if you wish to hire in-house for a permanent position, here are some tips: There are good search marketers &


Analytics Setups & Training

It seams more and more companies are realizing the powerful potential of website, competitive and social analytics. Simultaneously they are realizing that their existing analytics tools can provide much more fruitful metrics reporting than what they are currently seeing (or more likely not seeing). It’s a strong point of realization (and a joy for me


What the Game of Life means for Business Today

I just happen have both versions of the Game of Life: The original and the one that’s only a couple years old. The differences are in some ways subtle, some ways very meaningful – they say a lot about the change of the economy. Interestingly, it’s not just the game – what the differences say


3-Step Comprehensive Marketing Approach

The underlying trick to business, that’s easy to say but also too easily forgotten, is to: 1. Find out what people want, then: 2. Become that. Yes, salesmanship and marketing are involved, but eventually word-of-mouth will take over as well if you’ve #1 and #2 correctly. The #3. Is getting that word out there. Telling