Analytics Setups & Training

    It seams more and more companies are realizing the powerful potential of website, competitive and social analytics. Simultaneously they are realizing that their existing analytics tools can provide much more fruitful metrics reporting than what they are currently seeing (or more likely not seeing). It’s a strong point of realization (and a joy for me to consult on). So how much prep and execution is involved in an analytics research and setup program? Here are some important points to consider:

    • Research websites and other domains for content and functionality and measurability.
    • Research existing technology and measurement tools.
    • Write site-analysis points, marketing pursuits, interview approaches and questions for discussions.
    • Marketing & goals Research & Meetings
    • Analytics training & meetings
    • Prep for/gather training materials
    • Explanations of metrics and analytics valuation
    • Training sessions to staff for dashboard/report access and interpretations
    • Plan documentation
    • Search engine tools/Google tags setups
    • Analytics dashboard and report setups
    • QA on reporting, and various reports comparisons for common base.
    • Completion/documentation/project capture
    • Activities after setups & documentation
    • Information Architecture recommendations
    • Additional measurement planning/setups
    • Analytics Technology supplements

    -J. Aull