About Mobile SEO


Curious about mobile search engine optimization? Here’s a summary: Google and the web in general are migrating to a “mobile first” emphasis. Of course more web users are on mobile today (& have been) than on desktop, but Google has taken longer to fully focus its primary emphasis on mobile search over desktop. Regardless, SEOs


Websites with Error Pages Results in Google

As part of my search engine marketing practice, when we talk to a new prospect, we do some digital analysis on the quality of their websites and search engine responsiveness before we provide a proposal. More and more these days I’m seeing websites with numerous errors, problems – and a great many of non-existent or


Can Image Shares in Social Media help Website SEO?

Social media image usage & social media optimization of images Did you know that social media can be used to display brand or product valuable photos and help achieve GoogleImages and BingImages search results? We all know that most of the time, product images can be “shared” to social sites from their website sources. In


Small Business Approaches for AdWords

Digital advertising isn’t clicked by every web user, but it still has its place. Certainly I encourage SEO work (for search engine results which are not the advertising listings; in other words, SEO achieves the listings in the middle of the Google Search Engine Results Page, and which are not marked “Ad”). But if you’re


How to Write SEO-Friendly Website URLs

A common question in SEO is how to apply keywords to specific website section URLs and sub-page-level URLs. There are some parameters. Therefore, for SEO-friendly URLs, here are some tips to keep in mind: • Total URL should be less than 65 characters (100 characters at absolute max). • Use lower-case only URLs (for server,