More Easy Things YOU Can do to Improve SEO for Your Online Membership & Social Media Profiles

    I previously wrote a blog post on “Free, Easy Things YOU Can do to Improve SEO for Your Online Membership and Social Media Profiles”. Here are some more free, easy things to add to that list:

    • Links. An important element of SEO is links – both inbound and outbound – and if you think strategically, you can link to and from whatever site is most important to you. Don’t overdo this, but if there’s another link (such as a separate blog or podcast link) that’s important for your business and isn’t located elsewhere in your membership directory or social networking profile, then you can input it in your bio.
    • GMB. Google My Business is very important. Sometimes it takes a professional to set it up 100% correctly for your business, but do what you can – the advantages of this tool are that it comes up in Google and Google Maps search results, and becomes a repository for your customer reviews (as well as other important content). But your GMB profile also contains a sharable link which you can include in your social networking profiles’ and membership directories’ bio descriptions.
    • Social follow. Your online content has a lot of opportunities to include social media site profile links for web users to “social follow.” Once you have these social networking sites’ links, include them into your online content and membership directory listings’ fields.
    • Get a account for measurement. is a free tool, a URL shortener. This tool has two great advantages: one, the obvious, it truncates URLs; but two, it allows free analytics for every time someone clicks on your URL when you’ve shared it. So when you share your social media or business membership profile links, they should be links.
    • Social sharing/backlinking. It may seem obvious, but social share is different than social follow. With social follow, you are providing links TO your social media sites for others to follow. But with social share, you are sharing (or providing opportunities and links for others to share) your online content in social media sites. So get your online content and business membership profile links and share them in your social media sites, such as in LinkedIn posts. Ask friends if the opportunity arises if they wouldn’t mind sharing your links in their social posts as well online.
    • The more clicks the better. Search for your online content and profile listings in Google and click to them from the search results. Do this often from different browsers and computers. Google will give more impressions to listings that obtain more clicks.
    • Q&A sites. There are Q&A websites, such as Quora and Yahoo Answers, where you can answer others’ business questions. This is an additional way to come up in search results as a thought leader for your industry.
    • Press Releases and Articles. There are newspapers and trade publications online which are hungry for content. Submit press releases or articles to them. Particularly for local publications, include a bio with your keywords and links!

    So these are your SEO and digital self-promotion opportunities. Enjoy and get to work!

    Jake Aull, Zen Fires Digital Marketing