Networking across generational gaps


It has occurred to me that in today’s tech world, there are many people my age (Gen. X) or older trying to navigate the tech business world & get jobs or business surrounded by younger workers. In all comparisons, to be realistic, there are pros & cons. So to be clear this blog post is


SEO for One Website vs. Multiple

A question I often get asked is from companies who think they need multiple websites as opposed to one for branding and SEO effectiveness. One site. That’s the answer. Plain and simple. Let me tell you why – Google likes a mansion rather than a shack. Why do you think Wikipedia comes up when you


The Pink Brand Awareness

I read recently about how much of the Susan Komen Foundation’s donations actually goes to breast cancer research. Yet that’s not the entire story. There is always a halo brand that raises awareness for the overall service category. The needle pulls the rest of the thread along with it. We’ve reached a point here in


Should I buy that .net domain?

I recently had a client reach out to me, asking me if they should follow up on buying a proposed domain name (.net), from their domain name hosting provider (in this case Earthlink), to add to their existing, primary .com domain. It’s a basic, but a good and recurring question for businesses. So what to


Driving a New Car, & Website Usability

Ever gotten into someone else’s car, thinking it should be easy to drive, only to be baffled and lost by the controls? I spent an entire day driving three different cars with about a two hour drive each. Not by choice, not by plan. One of our cars, the one I don’t drive, was noticeably