The Pink Brand Awareness

I read recently about how much of the Susan Komen Foundation’s donations actually goes to breast cancer research. Yet that’s not the entire story. There is always a halo brand that raises awareness for the overall service category. The needle pulls the rest of the thread along with it. We’ve reached a point here in US where it’s hard not to be aware of breast cancer, the pink ribbons, donations (although some of those donations may be diverted), research, etc. Other forms of cancer don’t achieve this level of awareness. NFL & NCAA football players wear pink for crying out loud to support it. Race cars are pink. Marketers must have done something right to achieve that level of recognition! 

When you read the title of this blog post – the Pink Brand Awareness – what did you think it was talking about before reading?

I think of the cola product category – invented, but mostly promoted/commercialized by Coca-Cola. The brand has loomed large – it has been everything. And there have been many taste tests between it and Pepsi. Yet I have also heard that when RC Cola enters the taste test it always wins hands down. Yet very few think of or have visibility of RC Cola.

Another example – Apple didn’t invent the MP3 player with iPod. It had been invented, and there were manufacturers building better products than the iPod. But the iPod ruled the day thanks to promotions and branding by Apple.

So there’s the heavy awareness brand that gets all the attention. And then there’s the provider who’s actually doing it right. Quietly, calmly, keeping to themselves and making the best product or service in the category.

Which is your business?

Thanks for reading, Jake Aull, Zen Fires Digital Marketing