10 Tips for YouTube Video SEO

    Want to know how best to optimize your videos for YouTube? Here are 10 tips:

    1. Make sure you integrate a primary keyword phrase into the title and description.
    2. How many words to write in your video description in YouTube? Well, 500-700 words is a lot – if you can do that much then great! (I’ve always understood minimum 250 words.)
    3. You should include the primary keyword 2-3 times within your description body, and ideally once in the first couple sentences.
    4. If you want to include links to your website, include them in the body or end – don’t do it in the first couple sentences because you want catchy clickbait there for YouTube searchers coming across your video.
    5. In addition to your primary keyword or topic, you can do additional YouTube discovery by searching that in YouTube and looking at what videos come up in “Suggested Videos” – and copy additional keywords from their descriptions into yours.
    6. Also name the video with the keyword phrase before you upload it.
    7. Ideally you would have keywords in the transcript – and upload the transcript when you upload the video (there are online tools which will parse your audio and generate a transcript for you).
    8. But even if you don’t have a transcript to upload, default settings in YouTube will allow it to generate a transcript for your video (the transcript is what Google crawls).
    9. However your description should not be duplicate copy to your transcript (for reasons of duplicate content in Google/YouTube).
    10. Ideally for SEO you would host videos from YouTube onto your website, and then on your website write a non-duplicate description or post on the same page as the video. There are reasons (such as hosting quality) not to host videos on YouTube, but YouTube hosting is best for SEO.

    And there you go! Thanks for reading, Jake Aull, read more about zenfires.com