About Mobile SEO

    Curious about mobile search engine optimization? Here’s a summary:
    Google and the web in general are migrating to a “mobile first” emphasis. Of course more web users are on mobile today (& have been) than on desktop, but Google has taken longer to fully focus its primary emphasis on mobile search over desktop. Regardless, SEOs today (such as myself) are able to do website and keyword analysis and focus for a mobile strategy. There are a lot of other tech factors involved in mobile/responsive site SEO, but they have a lot to do with the actual underlying website tech/build SEO and web usability. For example, websites need to be responsive (resizing automatically to fit the mobile browser size, or else separate to fit the mobile screen size). And website elements such as forms and calendars need to be sized for proper mobile use. SEOs can analyze the site and make recommendations for these issues – Google and other website analysis tools provide testing for mobile rating, usability, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) compatibility and hosting speed. And good SEOs and web developers are able to do things such as resize images for smallest size to help mobile download speed, and make recommendations or changes from an AMP perspective. So speed of access to a mobile site is very important, so are mobile navigation and small image and media file sizes.
    The plus size of this extra tech/web usability work is that they are also things that help make the site easier to use for your website visitors anyway. So the extra work for mobile SEO, mobile usability and responsiveness might as well be done anyway – it helps the site all around!
    Thanks for reading,
    Jake Aull, Zen Fires Search Engine Marketing