3-Step Comprehensive Marketing Approach

The underlying trick to business, that’s easy to say but also too easily forgotten, is to:

1. Find out what people want, then:

2. Become that. Yes, salesmanship and marketing are involved, but eventually word-of-mouth will take over as well if you’ve #1 and #2 correctly.

The #3. Is getting that word out there. Telling them you know about #1, and that you are #2. That’s when you’re selling it and marketing it.

How can you find out #1.? How about asking them? Honestly tell people you’re not trying to sell them, and they may not have the need right now, but what do they want? Find that out.

Then, become that, make that, learn that – whatever.

Do the first two right, and then tell them. Not shove it down their throats. Not hard-sell them. Just make it known. Do that, and when they need it – or they know someone who needs it – they’ll think of you. Simple formula, but it’s right.

And don’t forget to enjoy it along the way.
– J. Aull