What the Game of Life means for Business Today

I just happen have both versions of the Game of Life: The original and the one that’s only a couple years old. The differences are in some ways subtle, some ways very meaningful – they say a lot about the change of the economy. Interestingly, it’s not just the game – what the differences say about how we deal with money, careers, etc. in real life provides us the ability to harness, as opposed to lose from, these variances. So without further commentary, here’s the list – judge for yourself:

  • First of all, interestingly the new game setup can take only minutes! Just to setup the physical game board and distribute funds and cards is very streamlined. In the old game you had to put in physical buildings, spinner, etc. – very time consuming the old-fashioned way!
  • In the new game, unlike the old, you actually could go the entire game without buying a house or any physical living quarters if you wish (but yes, eco-houses are an option).
  • Of course in the new game you can do things such as setup an internet business.
  • In the old game, you got automatic financial raises during your career – but there are no raises in the new game (and I think in the new you are more likely to lose/change careers).
  • In the old game, having kids automatically meant you received money from the other players. In the new game you receive $0 from anyone for having kids. Good luck!
  • In the new game, the first to retire automatically get a lot more money then the players retiring after them (I think of forced early severance in corporate America today). However the players who take longer to retire – the “slower” players who make a lot more stops throughout the game – they have more opportunity to store up their cards, each of which have monetary value at retirement (making their long-term financial value greater).
  • I would definitely say that the new game is a lot “riskier” – way to keep up with the times!

 – Jake Aull, Head Honcho, Zen Fires Digital Marketing