Social Media Meet Logistics?

I regularly read (and endorse) But the editors have really surprised me lately with an apparent emerging theme: online social networking meets transportation.

Articles have covered everything from social media sites to find taxi cab ride-sharers, to parcel package shipments addressed merely by twitter id#s, to facebook flight updates, to identifying fellow active twitterers in your airport. As social networking sites continue to expand beyond mere casual social contact into hubs of information, it makes sense that users would want to receive personal transportation and shipment updates while in-site. As email’s role as the primary online communication channel gives way to the robustness of social networking sites, the dynamic app capabilities of these sites offer infinite possibilities.

But I put it to you – do you want to have immediately available, in your facebook and twitter pages, info about your package shipments, flights and train arrivals and departures, taxi cabs and availability? If so, your ship is coming in…

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