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    So many use social media today, but are unsure of the marketing applications. Marketing in the Web 2.0 era means creating a content distribution network or hub and spoke ( The idea is simple – an online hub such as a website, blog or Facebook page – becomes the principal content and call-to-action for a brand offering. All social media “spokes” and advertisements can drive to each other, but exist foremost to drive the marketing funnel to sales in the hub space. For example President Obama achieved this in his election campaign (

    A well-planned hub and spoke online presence capitalizes and reinforces SEO benefits. It can also be clearer when compared to the alternatives. The Web Strategist blog discusses alternative approaches such as the tire and tower. The tire is where a company’s different social media activities are conducted peripherally – unconnected and without centralization. With a tower, only one company representative or department controls the social media activity. According to the Web Strategist Jeremiah Owyang, the hub and spoke is ideal because it represents different company groups in sync with each other maximizing social media benefits – such as the support department or sales conducting their communications while referring readers back to the hub for additional information.

    How good is your hub and spoke? Optimize and perfect it.

    And that’s all I spoke.

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