Social Media in the Enterprise

    I’ve been enjoying the eBook Social Media Marketing GPS, written by Toby Bloomberg, a colleague of mine in the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association ( An intriguing format – the text is entirely pulled from her research interviews with social media experts in Twitter.

    What specifically intrigues me now are Toby’s thoughts regarding how “social media impacts the total enterprise.” She spotlights issues, challenges, and multiple points to consider regarding social media in the enterprise structure. She recommends to “include both champions and nay sayers” in the enterprise social media exploration team (p. 15). Good advise – a common issue in new technologies is bias among its champions, often resulting in a blind eye towards early warning signs.

    Reading this book for format is unusual resulting from the style of tweets. But it is a natural discussion approach and one we will continue to see more of as social media grows in maturity.

    –          Jake Aull,