Economic Opportunities for Distribution and the Supply Chain

As we’ve all been wondering about the insanity of the marketplace in recent years, I thought I’d puzzle through some of the broader economic drivers and indicators here. This recession, like so many of its predecessors, sees SMEs (small – medium enterprises) do well while the giants fall. Currently, while many question if we’re ever-so-slowly climbing out of our recession, spiraling toward a double-dip or just plateauing, there is some optimism in the changes that have occurred (as evidenced in the Supply & Demand Chain article:–Business-Outlook-than-European-and-BRIC-Counterparts/79$12629). The thinning of big business has caused increases in sourcing and growth in the supply chain. Hence, SMEs have seen some positive change. Product manufacturing, distribution – these are still current marketing factors of need. Finding the points of most need in these chains and optimizing for them – this should be beneficial for any organization right now, regardless of company size or structure.

Supply chain enhancement overall is identified as a major current need in American industry – whether the need be in infrastructure, sourcing or total supply chain and transportation visibility – much can be improved upon. And where there is need, there is opportunity (for more on this topic, see @Risk’s blogpost “Supply Chain Distribution Remains Significant Risk for North American Manufacturers”

– Jake Aull,