Social Media Marketing – Upcoming Seminar

I am lucky enough to be coordinating and moderating a panel discussion lunch-n-learn on Social Media Best Practices, through the Atlanta Interactive Marketing Association, Thursday Oct. 21 (so please spread the word, and come!; Twitter:  #aimasocial ). The focus will be marketing approaches in the big 3: Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. But here’s a special preview; a giveaway in advance on social media marketing basics:


Did you know that you can send direct messages to market just about anything to your own, easily customized, social media network contact lists and groups?


  1. Go to “Friends”
  2. At the top/right of page, click “+ Create a List”
  3. Add in the friends you want in the list with tags
  4. Then go to “Messages”
  5. At the top/right of page, click “+ New Message”
  6. In the “To” field type the name of your list
  7. Be sure to uncheck “let recipients see each other” if you don’t want your list members to have access to each other.
  8. Type your message and send


  1. Go to “My Connections”
  2. Note the “Tags” option in the left margin
  3. This allows you to “Manage” tags for your contacts; enabling you to customize, organize (and consequently communicate to) your contact lists as you wish
  4. However, for business communications, you may find it easiest to utilize LinkedIn’s automatically-generated list of “Industries” in the left margin, which groups your contacts by the industries they work in.
  5. Click to select whichever list of contacts you wish, then in the right-hand column select “Send message”
  6. Type your message, and be sure to uncheck “Allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses” at the bottom if you don’t want all on your list to see each other.
  7. At the top/right of page, click “+ New Message”
  8. If you want to send the same message to other lists, copy it before hitting send.
  9. After sending, you can begin the process again with other lists.

Jake Aull, Dynamic Creative Marketing Director,