Why Web 2.0 Changes Total Business Approach

    Is SNS (social networking software) impact excluded to web-based technology and communications alone?

    Hardly. In research and preparation for my Georgia State University Social Media Marketing course, I find traits of commonality are easy to see across platforms, genres and generations in business today, easily leading us to chicken-and-egg arguments. For example, are Millennials and Gen Ys egalitarian and team-based in approach because that is the way they were raised? Or is it because the groundswell Web 2.0 technologies they have embraced (and exploded in consumption and growth) empowered them to approach life this way?

    Do agile business and project management approaches exist because SNS emphasizes upfront collaborative discussion planning and real-time updates? Or was such software created to serve agile management needs?

    Whichever stance you take on such questions, there are undeniable links between social media and business approaches in the Web 2.0 world (click image for legibility):

    Legacy vs. Web 2.0 business approaches

    Common attributes in legacy business orientations versus web 2.0 business orientations

    Let me know the stance you take!

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