What Do You Know About Gamification?

    A little in the dark? That word not in your daily vocab? Here are some tips:

    • Gamification is brand-driven consumer actions and customer journeys in social media and mobile apps.
    • Gamification is badges
    • It is not the same as social media games (Farmville, Mafia Wars)
    • It is not couponing (at least not Groupon one-time purchase acquisition)
    • It is not MMOs (massive, multi-player online role-playing games)
    • Gamification is incentivization triggers, for:
      – Surveys
      – Opt-ins
    • It offers consumers Rewards (to achieve monetization)
    • It is modeled on one of the most enduring aspects of social media: Engagement
    • Because of its guidance and learning process properties, gamification has inherent capabilities in education.
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