Content Strategy = SEO + Social Media

    Think of it this way:
    The more personalized information a user has in Google (gmail, YouTube account, Google Alerts, Google Docs, etc.), the more search results Google is able to serve targeted to the user specifically. So if you’ve wondered “What business does Google have being in social with Google+,” this is part the answer. Similarly, the more channels a brand occupies online, the more options search engines have available for brand top-rankings. The more customer social reviews and 3rd-party blog chatter, the more validity to the brand’s digital footprint and subsequent search rankings.

    Tag words:
    You’ve all seen them – tag clouds on social sites, or keywords tagged to specific images. Tags are an inseparable piece of social media today. But tags are also search keywords. The same science – of optimally divining, comparing, scoring and applying keywords to web content for SEO – can be used in social channels’ copy writing as well. Not to mention the two media can help each other in usability, link-building, content reference and validation. Hand in hand they can increase a brand’s overall consumer search and visit results.

    Geo-Local: Mobile, Social or SEO?

    Image representing Yelp as depicted in CrunchBase

    Geo-location is a recent digital phenomenon, but incredibly important. On the one hand, search engines recognize where users are located and searching from – and consequently serve them content with appropriate local keywords. The more a website is integrated with Google Maps, the more Google likes it for local search (and overall results). At the same time, there are many geo-local social mobile apps, such as Foursquare and Yelp, that can aid a brand’s overall digital footprint while serving consumer mobile search. And of course beyond search benefits, the social media benefits of such channels for check-ins, customer loyalty, rewards and repeat purchase are glorious.

    Need more convincing?
    As part of my offerings websites and digital marketing services, I provide such SEO to clients. Hands-on application of Google, Bing and Yahoo tools for websites and keywords. As part of the same services, I post site content to social bookmarking (e.g., and share sites (e.g., and Other quality SEO providers do the same – because good social media marketing is also good link-building. Yup – it’s official – today the digital landscape, SEO and social are inseparable.

    Is your digital content strategy so wisely integrated?

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