Social Media: Time Sink?

    It should come as no surprise; the biggest cost of social media is time. And how to gauge how much to invest? Or how to get what you want with minimal time invested?

    As a digital marketing consultant and speaker, this question is raised to me often. In fact I cover it in my lectures, in both the GSU social media marketing course I teach, as well as in The Change Challenge (hands-on digital marketing education for non-profits; Of course the more time spent in upfront digital audit, the more targeted strategy and plan can be built – for successful social media communications with even minimal, ongoing time investment. Many small companies for example may benefit from a basic broadcast (one-way) communications plan. This can be as simple as repurposing other content such as press releases or retweeting industry bloggers or articles. Larger organizations may feel the need to monitor and respond to audience and customer comments, warranting a two-way/response social media plan. Still other brands may desire audience “net promoters;” arming non-staff cheerleaders and customers, via (collaborative, crowd-sourced) social media, to enthusiastically do communications out of brand love (think the Harley-Davidson brand, or social media loved brand Zappos). Either way, I like to identify company objectives and time resources, and align them for optimal recommendations – divining the best plan to fit the organization.

    Social Media Time Investments

    Want more on digital marketing strategies? See my slide share account ( for presentations on this concept and other lectures I’ve enjoyed doing with The Change Challenge.

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