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Many don’t realize it but Google has been competing over the years with more then just search engines – it has been competing with Facebook…

Google+ is not Google’s late stab at social media. It has tried before with products such as Google Wave and Buzz. And let us not forget a minor social media tool they own called YouTube – which by the way is the second largest search engine! Remember that Google’s business approach is largely filled with digital ideation experimenting – their programmers are encouraged to build their esoteric ideas. Don’t believe me? Just check out the Google “more” button some time. Most people aren’t even aware of Google’s infinite offerings at their disposal…

But back to the “competition” – I believe it was only this year that Facebook beat out Google as the most-used site online. And while for now we still think about going to Google for search, there’s this growing sentiment; “Once in Facebook, why leave Facebook?” As the later continues to grow in common-needs functionality such as search, HTML-programming and location check-ins (incurring less need for Google Maps integrated on websites and Google Places?), etc., Google seems forced to compete in social just to retain it’s search and geo-local positions!

And why not? Whether we like it or not, Google knows everything about us. It continues to serve us more and more specifically targeted PPC/display ads throughout the web. Why not use such savvy to build a seamless, usable social media channel? And it has. To me Google+ behaves in such a way to make our “traditional” social channels feel like Web 1.0. And of course don’t forget the simple, personalized display showing Google’s various available products.

I’m starting to wonder – once in Google, is there anything else? …

Thanks to inspiration from my friends @ProminentPlcmnt and their Search Advisory blog post on Google+.

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