SEO Keyword Analysis Proves Demand!

    You can tell a lot from a good digital audit – particularly in SEO (search engine optimization) keyword analysis.

    I’m currently working on an SEO project for a B2B small business client, and the keyword analysis has proved intriguing results. Although I was principally taking client-suggested keywords and running them through my keyword analysis tools to determine effectiveness and best keywords for website optimization, even more potential came out of the findings.

    My reports showed that there is very high search volume (for keywords surrounding my client’s niche industry and offerings) in a major city in the Pacific Northwest as well as a major city on the Southeast coast. It is worth noting that yes, users often do search only for content and not necessarily services to buy. But this client’s keywords surround long-tail ‘construction contracts services,’ and user search volume here is indicative of real demand and purchasing intent. Even more analysis can reveal complimentary searches and services, and more info about the searchers themselves. So now my client has an opportunity to explore future potential growth in new locations. And next I can use geo-local SEO approaches to optimize the website and local directories for my client to give them those peak location search volume results.

    So good SEO strategy and analysis becomes more than just good SEO – it can absolutely be an illustration of customer demand and optimal market segmentation. Are you ready for SEO segmentation? Do you know where your search terms achieve the most demand? Let’s talk keywords – sounds fun to me!

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