Is Local & Mobile SEO Right for You?

    One of the increasingly growing trends in today’s online space includes local and geo-location-targeted search (e.g., Google Maps and Yahoo! Local) and mobile apps with location-based technologies (e.g., Yelp and Foursquare). For businesses needing customers around a specific location to succeed, localized SEO can mean the world…

    Let’s say a parent lives in your area and is seeking a pediatrician. In a day of her life, she may be waiting at her son’s school with an idle moment. With mobile device in hand, she can look up “childcare provider” in a mobile app like Yelp to see if a doctor or clinic is in the vicinity. Maybe she’ll bookmark the website link, or call them up directly.

    So the question is – how badly do you want that customer? The truth is, even if a small company today is listed in local directories and mobile apps, its location info is often wrong and incomplete. Full local profiles can include a host of various contact info and descriptions (with industry-specific keywords and services), photos and directions.

    Don’t believe that your market and customers are on tablets or smart phones? Or perhaps think the coverage is sparse in your neighborhood? Guess what – mobile local directories and apps even help drive desktop online local searches. Say there’s a new patient searching for “Greenville pediatrician” in Bing. He can see search results from Yelp or other lesser-known directories. So… customers are there… are you?

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