SEO, Social Media & a Three-Legged Elephant

    I was lucky enough recently for Georgia State University Robinson College of Business to request an article on today’s state of social media marketing. The article was for their solid magazine, The State of Business. I chose to write on one of my own more common themes. As both a consultant and speaker/instructor, I am often in a position to explain Chris Anderson’s “Long Tail Theory,” or even long tail keywords in search engine optimization (SEO). At this point, I usually enjoy talking to listeners about the last thing they could have guessed – three-legged elephant statues.

    Why? Do I enjoy being obscure? Am I just crazy? I’ll let you judge for yourself. But the “method behind my madness” goes something like this: Somewhere in the world today someone collects three-legged elephant statues. Traditional business structures could not have profitably served such a small market. Traditional print directories would have had no way for buyers to search for such a specific oddity.

    Enter today’s digital space, advanced search engines and social media. The game has changed. And market segments can be defined to a level as niche as – you guessed it – collectors of three-legged elephant statues. This allows for new business opportunities and marketing strategies and plans.

    But enough for the preamble. Ready to read the real deal? See the full article on SEO, social media marketing and the long tail.

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