Yes! There’s Value in Ancient Websites!

I recently had a colleague express to me his frustrations with clients with ancient businesses and ancient websites who just never seemed to update their web presence or see the value of doing so. We’re talking about business people for example who have an inherited a family business long ago, from parents and grandfathers, and have a 15-year old website which has been updated only once. Believe it or not, there’s something there. You should know that that’s an SEO gold mine waiting to happen. What I mean by that is that one of the most valuable SEO features to Google is longevity of domain name. For a domain name that has been owned by the same company for 5-10-13+ years – that’s a gold mine. With proper SEO, that company then has an edge on the competition. The company’s listings will come up higher in Google search results. Perhaps the biggest things in 2014 that I think of that push ranking higher are domain longevity and size of site/amount of content (which is why blogs are so valuable). So take that ancient, single-owner domain name, update the site with SEO, add a lot of optimized blog posts and all of a sudden you have great rankings!
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