My Upcoming SEO Webinar

I’m looking forward to my webinar hosted by SEMrush, 10/28/14 2pm, on SEO Link Strategies, from my book WordPress SEO Success, Please RSVP and attend!

Here’s some sample content I’ll cover:

  • It sounds cumbersome, but plan links through every page and blog post of your site if possible. When you write up your sitemap, plan which pages you want to link to the next, and so on and so on.
  • Be observant of your site’s pages. Each page’s/post’s copy is ideally build around one primary keyword phrase. Then, when Page A links to Page B, the link should be written with the anchor text of Page B’s content, or even a brand phrase (but not the exact keyword phrase, due to recent Google updates), for relevance of link juice.
  • Local channels are very beneficial. Even if you are an eCommerce, if you have a location I would still consider optimizing location-based profiles. Because Google loves Google+Local. And Bing loves Bing Local and Yahoo!Local. And have you ever searched for any businesses or products, only to see Yelp and YP listings on first page of results? They’re there – use them if you can.
  • What are link wheels? Are they good or bad? Even 3 years ago SEO gurus would have put a lot of faith in these. Today many SEO sites will say that link wheels will get you penalized by Google. I still like the concept of the link wheel, but you have to think about it, again, with ‘relational relevance,’ and you should consider it surrounding the architecture and links within your own site. For external, inbound links, I would say you can try to be strategic with a few pointed backlinks if you are able to achieve them through reputable means. Such as industry trade magazine articles about you. Or industry trade show website listings and bios.
  • Part of past SEO strategy used to be guest blogging. And again, many current SEO gurus will warn you against this, because it has been abused to the point of black hat.
  • At the end of the day, increased website visits and traffic can improve your overall SEO results. Don’t assume this is a ‘thank you Mr. Obvious’ statement. Point is backlinks in Facebook may not help your organic Google results much for targeted search terms, but increased traffic from Facebook will. Likewise with advertising. So those links are just attempts to push traffic, but they still have value. Just don’t worry as much about them to build link juice on specific website pages that need higher rankings. If you want to increase organic rankings on specific pages of your site, do it by transferring link juice from better pages of your site currently.