Website Analytics to Check Regularly

It’s smart to be checking a website’s Google Analytics & Google Webmaster Tools twice a month (if not weekly). Here are just a few items worth checking to see if something fishy pops out.

First off, one-month analytics changes may be misleading – what may appear to be huge traffic changes in one month may appear much less significant over 3-6 months or even a year. So it may be worth looking at 3-month trending unless you are deeply concerned about changes within one-month time periods. Hence, here are some things to check:

  1. Intelligence Events (Google Analytics)
  2. Crawl >> Crawl Errors (Webmaster Tools)
  3. Site Messages (Webmaster Tools)
  4. Security Issues (Webmaster Tools)
  5. Google Index (to review amount of Pages indexed; Webmaster Tools)
  6. Acquisition >> Search Engine Optimization >> Querries (to see potential spammy keywords to reveal hacking, or bad website content/fishy keywords to change; Google Analytics)
  7. Search Traffic >> Search Queries (to check for spammy backlinks; Webmaster Tools)
  8. Search Appearance >> HTML Improvements (Webmaster Tools)