All About Anchor Text

    A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to be asked by the great search marketing analysis tool SEMrush to conduct a webinar for its audience.

    I focused on “Linking Strategies,” including anchor text. Did you Know about Google’s recent changes heavily affecting your links and anchor text (anchor text is the verbiage written into your actual link description such as “see more info here)? If unfamiliar you may wish to view my webinar now on YouTube. But as review on strategy, Each page’s/post’s copy is ideally built around one primary keyword phrase. Then, when Page A links to Page B, the link should be written with the anchor text of Page B’s content, or even a brand phrase (but not the exact keyword phrase, due to recent Google updates), for relevance of link juice.

    I’m the past SEOs would write anchor text to include the exact keyword phrase. Today? Google says no. Personally, I go with a rule of “relevant but not exact.” Otherwise, just anchor text in the form of the branded URL is good.

    If you missed my SEMrush webinar on SEO Link Strategies & Anchor Text, or want to see sources, you’ll find that here.