SEO Strategy & Thoughts

It’s always good to review the philosophies you garner for the work and processes you execute in business services. For the start of a new year, here are some of mine, based on SEO questions people frequently ask me:

•   I believe that, for most small/mid websites, the SEO heavy lifting works best at the initial website build stage.
•   After that, quarterly monitoring may not be a bad idea, and it’s good for competitive comparison.
•   Monthly maintenance may be more appropriate for larger companies, critical head keyword maintenance, bottom line lead-gen programs or eCommerce sites.
•   I also place a higher emphasis on quality of keywords and search-engine submissions than on quantity of submissions to proliferated sites irrelevant to your business.
•   I do not endorse or utilize black hat SEO approaches. I build an online, reputable presence, keeping clients in good standing with major search engines for quality, long-term ranking.
•   In our industry, one shouldn’t guarantee head-term top keyword results. Your most detailed, long-tail keywords can achieve top ranking – but common, competitive head terms often don’t show ROI for the high amount of required content and cost.
•   Of course don’t underestimate the importance of geo-local and mobile apps SEO.
•   In all things, digital research is key to success; I highly encourage allowing for the time to fully probe an industry’s digital communities and consumer behaviors to guide optimal SEO approach and web differentiation. Read more on my approach and see sample website audits.

Thanks for reading! Jake Aull