The History of Self-Planning Trips on Computer

    How did we plan trips long before GoogleMaps or TripAdvisor? Do you remember?

    Well the ultimate trip-planning devices I remember were the AAA TripTic (non-computer; books listing places & providing reviews). So using reviews to choose restaurants and hotels are not merely a social media invention!

    One of the properties defining “social media” is “self organization.” Meaning Web 2.0 technologies allowed us to self organize in ways we couldn’t before. The travel industry is a great example. While travel agencies used to plan our trips and book our visits, sites like TripAdvisor today have allowed us to take over that activity. Today we are “prosumers;” consumers and customers taking over the work of producers and professionals.

    So – back to the question: How did we plan trips on computer long before GoogleMaps or TripAdvisor? Let’s take a tip from Clark Griswold!


    Thanks for reading, Jake Aull, Zen Fires Digital Marketing