Linking throughout a website for SEO

    Something missing on many blog posts is the CTA.
    CTA means call-to-action, and it should be linking to all other posts/pages on the site! Make sure your future blog posts copy shows that. This should be part of the copy, so it should be going through any necessary layers of approval for your blog post content generation.
    So think about it like this: Ideally, every post on the site links once to another page/post on the site, once. That’s the ideal, so there is wiggle room. Just don’t have everything linking to contact page or home page.
    Also, make sure the anchor text in the links don’t say “click here.” You could say something like “Read more about customer topics and the groups that support them.”
    I like to call this a link wheel. Traditionally, link wheels were outside of a site, setup to provide a system of backlinks for greater SEO results. Many such activities are considered “black hat” or bad by Google today. But linking throughout your website is still very good practice. So do it and do it right!
    Thanks for reading,
    Jake Aull, Zen Fires Digital Marketing