Twitter & Google

Many people know that Tweets come up in Google! Which can help your brand-name SEO and overall digital footprint. So, here’s direction that should help with getting your Twitter account to come up in Google:

  – When you Tweet with links, use Twitter’s URL shortener instead of another.
  – You should follow as many (quality) other people in Twitter as possible.
  – The goal with the above is to get them to follow you and retweet you!
  – Use trending hashtags in your Tweets.
  – Make sure you’re Tweeting directly from within Twitter.
  – To elaborate on above, don’t setup your Twitter account to post automated Tweets from your Facebook posts or similar social accounts or blogs.
  – Write “link bait” posts that incentivize followers to give you retweets.
  – Try not to duplicate content in your posts word for word with your other social media or Twitter accounts.
  – Ensure your Twitter account is connected to your website properly (not for auto-posting, but for web user follows and shares).
  – Ensure you are writing a good proportion of original Tweets (not just retweets).
All the above should help!