Thinking about wearable tech

    What seems good for business strategy for wearable tech (SmartWatches, SmartClothes, etc.), is to focus more on usage than marketing aspects such as promotional awareness. What makes wearables different than iPhone and iPad is that wearables can be perceived as more utilitarian in consumption; particularly around health usage (e.g., measuring heart rate or pulse; tracking exercise efforts and results; measuring surrounding oxygen and temperature for health, such as for firemen/firewomen and fire victims, etc.).

    Smartphones and tablets are used for social media apps, gamification – they are often used for “hedonic” or past-time “fun” activities. And the brands themselves need to be aware of these major consumption habits to attract consumer visibility and usage.

    But the other ongoing growth effect for wearable tech is awareness on how it fits into the overall cloud or a universal screen – really, the integrated component of a future that is not device-dependent – how we move away from device awareness into a screenless/non-hard-drive world of connected info – we become our cloud accounts instead of users tied to one device at one time.

    Thanks for reading, Jake Aull, ZenFires Digital Marketing